Sunday, June 17, 2012

30 + 1

This time last year I was anxiously awaiting my 29th birthday where I was scheduled to give birth to my second born.  Though I knew that my life would forever be changed, I had little idea of the surprise that was awaiting me.  At 1:28 PM Dave announced "it's a girl!" and precious Maleah Kailey joined our hearts.  From that day forward, my birthday was going to be blessed in such a different way.  Now, almost a year later it was time to celebrate that grand event.  Because Dave will be in Afghanistan during our birthday we had a little party to celebrate the big day: My 30th and Maleah's 1st!
The theme was "wigging out!" Invitees joined us in wearing crazy wigs.  I made Maleah's smash cake and the theme of course was black, white and pink.

 Maleah sported her very cute tutu that I ordered and she looked so cute:
 Yes, that is me in the neon bob (this picture I had it on backwards) to match her tutu:
 And here are the birthday girls:
 As for the cake smashing, well this girl LOVED her cake.  She spent about 30 min smashing, eating and rubbing cake into her hair:

 Maleah made out with some great gifts, including this elmo:
We are so grateful for the friends that were able to join us and for the family that sent their love.  This was a wonderful celebration and one that we will remember for years to come!
Happy Birthday Maleah Kailey!!

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