Friday, March 16, 2012

Whole again...for a while

Dave comes homes in 2 days! I already have plans to sleep and run to the grocery store all by myself. Oh, and perhaps sit down in peace and quiet with a warm meal in which I will finish before it gets cold. These are the luxuries I have missed the most with being a single parent over the past three months.
I know that I could not have done this journey alone and I want to recognize my church family and friends along with our family who supported us along the way. God has been so faithful in orchestrating this whole event. And, more than ever, I can truly say I have felt his presence through each day and especially in the moments when I think I have had all I can take. Most importantly HE has kept my husband safe despite all that's going on overseas and for that I lift up praises!
Although I know that this is not our last time for Dave to go to Afghanistan, I think the first round is always the hardest. In reflection over this journey I would say that this is what I personally have gotten out of it: I appreciate my husband more than ever, I am even more thankful for what I have, I am blessed with amazing people in my life, I am more capable and stronger than I ever thought I was, my kids are wild but keep me busy and happy, life is full of surprises, it is okay to eat hot dogs or chicken nuggets three days in a row, late night quiet time is wonderful....and so is early bedtimes, and finally, Skype is the greatest invention ever!
As we conclude this trip, I am filled with excitement and lots to do before we pick Dave up on Sunday. Thank you again to all of you who supported us along the way! We love you all!!

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