Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Calling off Christmas

I know I cannot be the only one who feels a little bit like a Who from who-ville, with the Grinch just peaking over his mountain top trying to taint the holiday spirit. Each year I feel the pressure of the material world crushing down on my holiday cheer. But this year, however, it is such an intense pressure. We decided to keep it simple this year and we were successful with that. But, I have found that no matter who you talk to everyone is feeling this "pressure". I guess it is the pressure to buy and give lots of gifts even during this recession, and the pressure to put on a happy face when things aren't quite going as planned or maybe it all the frowns I have seen around town. Though I didn't do much shopping this year, the interaction I have had has been very disgruntled. People just walking around doing their job with no Christmas cheer. I wonder to myself, why can't we just go back to baking and homemade gifts and remembering why we celebrate Christmas anyway. Why does it always have to be about how much you spend and what you give?
To add to all the holiday pressure, there are two other factors that I have seen. 1) Those of us that live with the Grinch's. I happen to have two of them this year. 2) The nasty illnesses that have decided to spread their Christmas cheer. I also have one very sick kid. In the past couple of days I have been in and out of the doctors office with my son, who is now on 5 medications. It is all enough to make one crazy! And, rob you of your Christmas cheer. So, today I am declaring that I am calling off Christmas in my home. We are going to refocus....we are going to celebrate Jesus' day and nothing more than that. Forget the material traditions and the pressure. After all, no matter what pressures are in your life during this season, who can be a Grinch when you are celebrating the greatest gift of all?! I pray that though there are a lot of pressures and stresses out there for everyone, that we all take a moment to pause and remember what Christmas really is. And, then, take a deep breath and look up.

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  1. Love it. We decided to only get the kids 3 gifts at most each a couple of years back, and we don't purchase anything for family. Handmade gifts only. No pressure! It's wonderfulllll.