Wednesday, September 30, 2009

8 Month Milestones

(Noah "chewing" on Thomas the train)
Noah is growing like a weed! He has become more independent than ever. He has started pulling himself up on his basket of toys to retreive those that he desires. He has also started clapping his hands and throwing balls. He loves to play catch with anyone who is interested. It is really fun to watch because he has the funniest deep laugh. (video to come this weekend)
We have also broke through the refusing food stage. Noah has figured out how to use his pincher fingers and feed himself. So, even though he STILL doesn't have any teeth he does some serious damage with his gums. His favorite foods are as follows: cucumber, yougurt, pancakes, noodles, bananas, potatoes and gerber puffs. Pretty much we can bribe him to eat anything as long as it is followed by cucumbers or covered in yougurt. He will tolerate some of the gerber foods, but is much more interested in ours.

(Mommy's geek squad)

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