Monday, June 22, 2009

Let ME do it!

New developments....

Noah likes to hold HIS own bottle. Sometimes he will be lazy and let us hold it, but he is more interested in feeding himself. I can barely hold him and make his bottle without him grabbing it out of my hand and putting it in his mouth.
He likes to drink water from our cups. A few days ago he was sitting on my lap and I had a big cup of water in my hand. He was watching every move I made, and then he just grabbed at it. So, I gave him a sip and he did great. Now we cannot have bottled water or a cup of water near him without him reaching for it. I think we may have to move towards the sippy cup sooner than expected.
And, the cereal...well, we moved on to Oatmeal. He is crazy about it. And, he loves prune juice mixed in it. Who would have thought. He must be taking after his mother, because if not, he would not be willing to eat it! He gets very upset if you stop the feeding before he decides that he is done.

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