Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Starting his career early

Yesterday Noah had his moment as a model. We hired a photographer, who I think is so amazing. She came to our house for about an hour and took all kinds of pictures. Some are with me, some with dave, some with nana and lots all by himself! I put three of my favorites up for viewing but there will be plenty more. Noah was such a ham! He didn't cry the whole time and was so happy. Since Dave loves baseball, Noah got some in his uniform. I love Noah's hair and decided to give him a rock star outfit including the frohawk and then of course we had to have the diaper pictures. I just might be biased, but isn't he so cute!?


  1. Ha ha! They're so cute (and funny). He looks like he's rockin' the 'tude in the 2nd one. They turned out really well and he looks adorable. Love it. :)

  2. Noah is so beautiful, I like the one in his diapers of course!

  3. What a sweet baby...and all that hair! Amazing!