Saturday, January 24, 2009

Noah pictures

Noah is now 10 days old and adjusting quite well. (And, I think we are too!) He has survived his first bath, love from the cats and his first outing. He is now sleeping in his own room, which is exciting. He seems to love his crib and would most likely sleep through the entire night if we didn't wake him up to feed him. The pictures above are some of my favorites. I am sure he is also starting to get use to the camera flash!


  1. Hi Heather and Dave and Noah. I bet Grandma Fay is so in love! How was your labor? Justin took 23 hours! Noah sure has alot of hair, did you have alot of heartburn (old wives tale Ha)
    Sounds like he is an easy baby. What a blessing

  2. LOVE the eye color. What pretty lips he has, too. Can't wait to watch him grow.

  3. love the new pictures- he is too cute and I already miss not getting to hold him :)
    call you tomorrow.

  4. he is sooooo cute! Looks like you, and Dave! :)
    AWESOME!! Love all of it, and enjoy so much! Miss you!!