Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Noah's First day of school

Today was Noah's first day of kindergarten.  I can't believe how hard it hit me this morning.  Last week we went to orientation and met his teacher, Mrs. Sheindegger, and I was ok with the idea. Then, this morning as I am packing him up I find it hard to control my sadness. Perhaps it is emotion of both joy for him and sadness that he will no longer be home for 7 hours a day.  Either way, it's a lot to absorb, yet I know it is part of the 'right of passage' as a parent.  This morning at 8:30am I packed my big boy up and headed to the car rider line.  Already he was pulling away.  "Mom, I want to ride the bus instead of you taking me."  The car door opened and out he went.  No tears, just a smile and a "see you later".  A flash before my eyes and I can see he will be hugging my neck and off to college.  His school PTO hosted a "boo-boo" breakfast.  I decided it would be appropriate to attend.  There I saw about 50 other parents-some holding the tears and some wiping them away.  It's nice to know I am not alone.  It is at this meeting that I decided I would follow my own mother's foot steps and join the PTO.  Why not be involved and get to know the community, right?  So, this week I will potation for a board position.  We will see if I get elected.  If not, I will be happy to volunteer wherever needed, just as long as I can peak in on my kindergartener!  It's 12:45pm and right now and Noah is eating lunch at school.  We both have made it half way and I can't wait for him to get home and see how his first day went!
A good luck kiss from little sis!

Can't forget to love on his dog!

 A few of his favorite things
A reminder of his foot size this year

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