Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday!

June 30th marked another special birthday.  My little miss has turned 3!  I cannot believe how big she is getting.  She is the perfect mix of diva, princess and tom boy.  I love that she will run around the house in her (now) torn up hand me down spiderman costume, her jewelry, ninja sword and a handbag.  I guess I find it funny, because in reality that is her personality all summed up in one picture.  She is sweet and cute, but can give you a show if she is in a mood.  She can dig in the dirt, scream in fear of the bugs AND put on her lipstick.  Ah, I am one lucky mom.  This year I will have the privilege of having her all to myself during the day.  She will be attending "potty training boot camp with mom" and we will fit in lots of nail painting and hair doing.  I have been blessed by her funny phrases, witty humor  endless words and "I wuv you moms".  Even on the toughest days, this girl keeps me on my toes and leaves me with a smile.  What a wonderful birthday gift I got-to share with my sweet Mia!  Happy Birthday!

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