Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Noah!

January 14, 2014-It's true, we have a 5 year old on our hands!  Where does the time go?  I really feel like it was just yesterday that I was bringing Noah home from the hospital.  We were so nervous, we left the warm car running with our sleeping baby and ran into the house to warm it up for him.  I was so excited to have him here and wanted everything perfect for him.  I was going to protect this little guy, keep him warm and safe and cherish every little coo.  Now, 5 years later the truth has been learned.  I can only protect him so much and I can keep him warm and safe and cherish every smile, BUT I have to let him go a little every day.  That is a hard fact to face.  Noah has his own opinion about what to eat, wear, play and talk about, with only a little influence.  I am still allowed to pick his clothes out, and pack his lunches, but he is slowly becoming his own. I love his sense of humor, his occasional random hugs, his creativity and his amazing imagination.  What a blessing he is to us.  I am so thankful for him.
This year, on the eve of his birthday dad and I filled his room with balloons and streamers and decorated the kitchen for  his big breakfast of waffles with strawberries and whip cream.  Maleah might have been more excited than noah about the balloons.  Noah was not as thrilled about the surprise as he said they were in his way! (He likes things to be organized and neat, I don't know where he got that!?) They had fun rubbing the balloons on their hair and sticking them to things.  Noah got all kinds of fun stuff for his birthday including a new cool truck, legos, a tackle box full of goodies and a camping set with binoculars.   I think he had a great celebration to start off his 5th year of life.  Here's to many blessings and much laughter and learning for this sweet boy!

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