Saturday, November 9, 2013

Counting down till 5

"Mom, I am going to be 5 in a couple months" is the frequent conversation we have been having.  I cannot believe how much he has changed and grown over this past year.  This year he has learned to swim, write his alphabet, spell some words including his name, count and write numbers, days of the week, seasons, can quote many catechisms and scriptures, sing many songs, tell funny jokes, give awesome big boy hugs, play nicely with his sister, and warm our hearts.  I could go on and on with all that he has learned and developed but most importantly he is the big brother whole looks at his sister who is throwing a dirty kleenex on the floor and says "stop glittering and pick that up!" His clever wit, huge heart and dazzling smile are a mama's dream.  So I say to him, "Yes, you are almost 5. And what a year it will be!"

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