Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A recap of July 2013

When daddy is away, mom doesn't have time to play, eh, well, more like blog.  I have been snapping shots all summer long, but my blog has not received any of it.  I know that when my kids someday look at their "year books" they will see how much life has gotten busy!  I do find it a bit challenging to stay organized and disciplined at logging our life events when dave is in Afghanistan.  Putting on a few more hats just kind of does me in.  So, here is a recap of what we did in July.  

 Let's start with our garden.  We had an abundance of zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, strawberries, radishes and cantaloupe so far.  Noah and Maleah have helped with weeding (and pulling produce) and watering the garden.  I see a good gardening future for both of them!
 I decided to venture in homeschooling this summer.  Just a small test run.  It was a total success.  Though I may not have accomplished it everyday as planned we did get a big chunk done.  We have mastered the seasons, learned calendar dates, abc's, counting, colors, shapes, patterns, handwriting, body parts, senses, and even done a few science experiments.  I would venture to say, that art is still their favorite activity!  I have felt blessed to see all that I was able to teach them this summer.  It warms my heart to hear Noah say "mom, I LOVE having you as my teacher!"  Heck, he even begs for more work sometimes.  I even find Maleah teaching herself with the posters throughout the day.  This is one of many reasons why being a stay at home mom has been a blessing to me.
 I have had the wonderful opportunity to work as an assistant in the children's ministry department at our church.  The kids have been troopers working along side of me this summer.  I feel so blessed that I can be surrounded by such wonderful people who have had such a great influence on my children.  Church has really become our second home.
 Tree climbing is one of our favorite things to do.  Often we will go feed the ducks and after, the kids will climb trees.  I love to see that they are finally playing together.  After the first year of Noah being not too sure what he thought about having a sister, they are now best friends.  I am so thankful to witness those moments of laughter, hugs and giggles that those two produce.
 Perhaps we have spent most of our free time at the botanical gardens.  The kids love to dig in the sand, and run around the huge campus of beautiful landscape.  They have done such an amazing job creating a fund place for kids to play.  Honestly, I think the sand is the biggest attraction for these two.  Oh, and maybe the butterfly house.

 More art.  We have done a lot of art!  This is a picture Noah made.  (Left to right) Mommy, Maleah, Noah and Daddy.  Check out how big Daddy's eyes are!  He must be very surprised.
Oh my gosh, I forgot all about the aliens we saw!  Aren't they cute?!  Well, to go along with this month we had lots of fun with friends and a very mild month for weather.  I would say we had a great July!

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