Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goodbye for the last time

June 3, 2013- We held our breath and spent the day acting as if it were any other. Even though we all knew that at 5pm that night we would hug for the last time for three months. I really thought it would get easier each time. In perspective, I suppose there was less tears and more chatter filling the usual drive home from the airport. Though it didn't change the sick feeling I had all that evening. This is such a challenge in our family. And one that stretches my character for sure! It was nice to have Dave home for a few months to catch up, but to be honest it just made it harder in so many aspects. I am really praying that over this past year we have learned and grown in a godly fashion and that God has something more "normal" in store for us. I will never again take for granted my family unit as it was, yet I know that this whole experience was a blessing from God in packaging I didn't want. Thankfully he knows what we want and need.

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