Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st day of Preschool

Noah started preschool today. He was very excited to wear his new clothes and use his cool new lunch box and backpack. When I pulled into the car drop off line I told him that I would be back to get him in a few hours and he seemed to be receptive. The teacher took him out of his car seat and he walked hand in hand with her. I was told he only got sad for a short while. His daily report said that he had no accidents at potty time, and that he learned about the color yellow, the circle and letter A. He has been talking all afternoon about his new friends and the song 'ring around the rosie' which he sang at school. I think he is going to enjoy this school year. He was pretty proud of himself. He wouldn't let me change him out of his school clothes and at dinner, as I ran my hand through his hair, he informed me "not to touch his hair because he has hair gel in". My big boy!

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