Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adjusting to two

Well, my mom left yesterday and now I am officially on my own. (Pictures of nana's visit to come) I would have to say that adjusting to two kiddos has been harder than I thought. Though Noah loves his little sis or "poopy princess" as he calls her, he is just too rough. I cannot leave her in site of him in fear of what he will do and I have had to go to great measures to train him to leave her alone. Her swing now sits in the living room with blue painters tape drawing a box around it so he knows his boundaries. And, we cannot have any hard toys near her as he likes to take his hammer and screwdriver and "fix" her. He has also decided that he needs to be a baby too. So, during meals, he wants to be fed and he loves to pull the outlet covers out of the wall and suck on them as he calls them his "paci". I am so glad that I didn't potty train him as I think he would have put himself back in diapers anyway. Needless to say, it has been quite the adjustment. I think this is one of my greatest challenges yet, as I feel terrible that my little man is jealous, but I just don't have it all down yet. I am praying for guidance and patience for each day as we all adjust to our new family unit.


  1. Hey it's Jen(Anna's sister in law) It's definitely the hardest adjustment from one to two. The first child has gotten all of the attention until the second baby comes. We had a little of this with my first two boys, but it doesn't last to long. We also just potty trained our oldest and when the baby was born he did regress, so it is normal for this to happen! Congratulations on your new little girl!!!!

  2. Hang in there Heather. You're doing a great job!!