Saturday, January 8, 2011

Announcing Baby #2

We are so excited to announce that Noah is going to be a big brother! The due date for baby #2 is July 8, 2011. Since we have decided that this will be our last baby, we thought we would have some fun with it. So, we have decided not to find out the sex. Yes, it will be very hard for me as I am a compulsive planner. But, I think the reward of hearing what we were blessed with after labor will be so worth it.
I found out early on that I was pregnant and decided to surprise Dave. I went to the store and got a shirt that said "big brother" on it. Just as Dave was coming home from work I put it on Noah. It took Dave a few seconds to notice the shirt. Then, he asked where I got it, thinking it may have been a shirt that was handed down. As you can guess he was pleasantly surprised when I told him that it was purchased that afternoon. He is going to be a daddy...again!
We also had fun telling our families about the baby. Since I found out at about 3 weeks we had to keep it hush hush until week 12. We took the ultrasound pictures and had it framed and mailed off to our parents as Christmas gifts. Christmas morning we skyped with our families as we all opened gifts and were finally able to share the news. It was so much fun to see the surprise on their faces!

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