Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Hummingbirds

One thing I have always had a love for is Hummingbirds. Grandma & Grandpa Parker have always had feeders on their deck and Noah and I have enjoyed many morning with the birds flying around us. Last summer, while Noah was only 7 months he would point at them and smile. This summer he would giggle and say "birds!" So, I decided to put up a feeder in front of our living room window. It took about a month before we got one, and I was so excited. Then we had 2 and then 3. We now have 11 hummingbirds that swoop around the feeder at once. Typically we find that about 4-5 of them are eating at one time. Noah and I have had a blast watching the birds. They are so fearless, it is fun to have them around!

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