Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm a big boy

This was taken at Kidzone in my gym. I started working there part time, so Noah gets to go with me. He loves playing with the other kids and resting in this chair. :)

Noah is really growing up fast. He has added to his vocabulary to the point that we quit counting words, but welcome all that will help us figure out what he wants. He has started saying sentences though. One of his favorite is "I like ___" He likes crackers, trash, trucks.... It's fun to hear him say it. The other is "I did it!" This sentence you don't hear as often, but he does throw it out there at just the right time. He is a daily reminder of how great of a creator we have. With each development, we are in awe of the detail that our Lord spent on creating such a wonderful blessing...our Little-Big Boy!

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