Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alabama's youngest driver

Noah loves to help dad turn the cars around in the driveway. He also loves to sit in the drivers seat and play drive. He makes car sounds and turns the wheel. It's really cute to watch. However, recently he has figured out how to throw a fit when you tell him he has been driving enough. Can't wait to see how this will work out in his teen years!

1 comment:

  1. Next time your at our house I have a car for you to drive that is just your size.
    The boys in our family love cars. We like them fast and hot. We like to go 4 wheelin and drag racin. We like to drive as soon as we can reach the pedals. So, baby Noah, you just keep on practicing so one day you can borrow your Mom and Dad's car just like your Daddy would borrow his Mom and Dad's cars.
    Sometime soon when you get a little older we can ask your Daddy what it means to go muddin'.
    Until then stay sweet and precious cuz your Grandma and Grandpa love you sooooooo much.