Monday, December 28, 2009

Noah's First Christmas

Noah's first Christmas was a bit interesting. It kind of stretched out for about 4 days, since mom was sick over the holidays. (Don't get any ideas Noah, Christmas is only a one day affair!) But, it was wonderful. Noah loved to open the gifts, the ribbon being his favorite part! However, once he opened the gift he would start to play with it and then have a hard time moving on to others. So it took a few days to open them all. We had an opportunity to go to Scottsboro to visit the Duke family and celebrate the holidays as well. Noah loved all the paper that was piled on the floor! He got lots of fun gifts including a dump truck, his first tool box and a cool monkey that turns into a pillow and sleeping bag!
Even though we were not able to be near our family Noah was able to open his gifts from both sets of grandparents using skype, which was really special. He got so many wonderful gifts from his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and santa. Some of them include: books, puzzles, a fire truck, shape sorters, a top, Oregon jersey, and stackable rings.

what a wonderful Christmas, thank you to everyone!

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