Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy 10 Months!

Dear Bubba,
Whew! What a month you have had! Where do I begin?! Well, I think at this point things are starting to click for you. It has been so much fun watching all of your new tricks. You have accomplished so many new things I am just going to list them for you. This month you....
-Got 2 teeth. (Your 2 front bottom teeth) You didn't cry or fuss much, which was nice. But, you have been chewing, drooling and pooping lots! I actually think you are working on another tooth as I write.
-Wave hello/goodbye. You just started doing this and more often then not, I see you waving at the cats. But, you do like to wave goodbye to daddy in the morning before he goes to work and mommy in the evening before she goes to work. It's very cute.
-Crawling. Need I say more? You crawl everywhere! I had to take tubs full of clothing and make barriers around the house to keep you in the living room. So far, it works perfectly. You like to look over at them and tease the cats as well as play with your toys on them. When you are let free, you crawl so fast it is hard to keep track of you.
-Pull up on everything. Your favorite thing to do is to crawl to the window and pull up on your knees so you can look out.
-Throw. Everything. Especially balls. You love to play catch, even if it is just with yourself. You will throw balls and then chase them. It's darling to watch, though when you are throwing things that aren't meant to be thrown it's a different story!
-Play patty cake. This is a new one. You surprised us the other night. You already love to clap your hands, but now you have the "roll" part. You love to "rolllllllll" and "rolllllll".
-You have 3 words that you now say. 1) daday 2) Kitay 3) mom. The first two you say the most. We are still debating which was truly your first word. I am leaning on Kitay. You also call the kitays by making the K sound. I am still trying to capture these words on tape, but you don't like to perform on command.
-Play with toys. You have finally figured out some of your big boy toys. You love to crawl around and push cars also.
-You have given up your second nap and are now down to one a day. (sad for mommy!) But, you are sleeping through the night and only waking at 4am to eat. (good for mommy!)
-You are eating lots of table food and have gotten the hang of finger foods. You love green beans and avocados as well as yogurt and cheese.
-Battled the 'great diaper rash'. Well, we are still working on this one. But, honestly, you have been a trooper. I feel so bad that your little bum is so sore. I don't think I will forget this one.
Well, I think that sums up this month. You have grown so much my little 25 pounder! Every day I look at you my little miracle and watch in amazement wondering what you are up to next. As we enter the upcoming holiday season I can't wait to see everything through your eyes and discover it all over again.

I love you,

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  1. Happy 10 months Noah! Big hug from the Schaerrer's!