Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 9 Months!

Dear Noah,

You are now 9 months, which means that you have been in our lives for 18 months! It is amazing to think that I was pregnant with you for 9 months and now you have been with us in this great big world for just that. Oh, how you have changed our lives....and it's been a wonderful experience. I still wonder what I did with all my time before you got here. I use to think I didn't have enough time to sleep in, work, and accomplish my daily living. Now, thanks to you, I can do all that PLUS enjoy every second of my day spending it with you!
You keep us laughing with delight with your little tricks and new discoveries. Right now you love to clap your hands and listen to music. You like to relax to the baby Mozart and rock out with your music player. I love to watch you bob up and down to the beat!
And what a talker you matter what mood you are in you have something to say. You really enjoy watching the cats and trying to talk them into coming close to you so you can pet them. (I don't think they will every fall for that!) Truly, I think the smiles that you flash during your conversations are so adorable. I just love your gummy smile.
You are getting so strong. I saw you crawl for a second the other day at your play date. Since then, you haven't really tried to do it, but I think you know you can now. So, I have started to baby proof the house. There are lots of things to put up for your active lifestyle. But, you are more than welcome to take your time crawling, no hurry. We have plenty of time for that later. I would just assume hold you in my lap and cuddle all day!

Happy birthday bubba, I love you!


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