Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drunk Driver

The other night I was heading home after picking Noah up from a friend's house when a drunk driver pulled out infront of me. I am so glad that he pulled out infront of me instead of behind me. He was going about 15 miles under the speed limit and driving across the road into the other lane and back over and over. He also didn't have his lights on. I carefully followed him, at a distance, and called 911 to report him. Several times he swirved into the other lane almost running into oncoming cars. I did a lot of praying during that drive. It was pretty scary to watch him on the road. Usually, I see cops up and down Jeff Rd, but of course this night there were none. The frustrating part is that I know he probably never got caught, as he turned off onto a side street right after I hung up with the police. It makes me so mad that someone can be so selfish to drive drunk. I did report the license plate number, so hopefully they still looked into it.

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